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A Horde Guild on the Gurubashi Server


We first began as "Mad Company" -- an Alliance guild on the Stormreaver server.  There from the day WoW launched, we grew to become the server's largest and oldest guild.  Of course that came with all the cliques, politicking and other headaches involved with running a large guild and the leaders eventually burned out.  We just realized that we were spending more time and effort managing the guild than we were actually playing the game.

After a time, we came over to the dark side by re-rolling as Horde.  We've been here ever since!  Our goal with the change in factions was to start fresh; not just with the new content but also with a new outlook for the guild.  We've focused on fun rather than size.  As a smaller group of close friends we find that the game is just more pleasant in general.  Sure, we'll never see the 25-man raid gear, but there's a lot more to WoW and we're enjoying it!

If you're looking for a smaller, close-knit group that wants to experience more than just end-game raiding, we invite you to consider Dark Tribunal!  

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